Moving Days

After months of planning, the move is complete! Here are some pictures from Thursday and Friday. A few of the staff members stayed at the old building to help move everything out.
IMG_1333fondfarewell6fondfarewell4IMG_1290IMG_1354fondfarewell2IMG_1344IMG_1348IMG_1352IMG_1358fondfarewellMost employees were stationed at the new building to help move things in.

IMG_1326IMG_1313IMG_1412IMG_1368IMG_1438IMG_1373IMG_1415IMG_1389IMG_1410IMG_1436IMG_1421IMG_1395IMG_1375IMG_1408IMG_1319It was hard work, but we got some time to relax in our new office space too.
IMG_1443IMG_1445IMG_1446Before and after pictures are coming soon! Thank you for following along throughout the renovation and move. We are glad we could share some of this tiring but exciting and rewarding time with all of you.

Saying Farewell

We’re just two days away from moving, and crates, boxes and packing tape are in abundance at MMS.

IMG_1274 IMG_1262

Today we had a last staff luncheon at our Prairie View Road location to say farewell. It’s exciting to move into a new building, but sad to say goodbye to the place where Miller Management Systems has been located for the past 10 years.


Be sure to check Facebook and Twitter Thursday and Friday for live moving updates!

More Progress

Here’s an update on what was accomplished last week in the new building. Cabinets are installed, the painting continues, and carpet is being put in – many rooms are almost ready for move-in!

IMG_1184 IMG_1221 IMG_1219 IMG_1218 IMG_1212 IMG_1210 IMG_1208 IMG_1207 IMG_1205 IMG_1203 IMG_1200


Expect more photos Thursday of the progress that is being made rapidly as move-in days approach!

Getting closer…

The new facility is looking better and better every week! Paint is on the walls, doors are hung, and cabinetry has been brought in.

IMG_1135 copyIMG_1138 copy IMG_1141 copy IMG_1142 copy IMG_1144 copy IMG_1147 copyIMG_1148 copy IMG_1149 copy IMG_1152 copy IMG_1157 copy IMG_1158 copy IMG_1159 copy IMG_1164 copy IMG_1166 copy IMG_1169 copy IMG_1171 copy We appreciate you keeping up with the progress of the new building, and look forward to sharing more pictures next week as it gets closer to move-in day.

An Inviting Space for Visitors and Staff

It’s another exciting week at the building! Demolition is done, walls have been rebuilt, sheetrock is hung, and today, painting begins. In a few weeks when the renovation is finished, the building will be a nice, friendly space for visitors and all who work in it.


It will be just as inviting on the outside as it is on the inside when the landscape work is completed, like cleaning up the area, trimming trees, and other improvements, all in an effort to help create a pleasant environment for everyone who works there. Check back with us Thursday for new pictures as the space begins to take shape!

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