Gracias, Senor Sexton

Mike Sexton has retired as a North courier from Miller Management. Mid-January we honored Mike with a farewell lunch.

Mike was always ready with a story. Whether it be about his lovely bride he met in grade school, or a funny joke, he always knew how to get you out of your own head. I’m not sure I believed every story I’ve heard from this man, but a few things I do know to be true:
1. He loves God.
2. He loves his wife.
3. He is a hard working guy.

And even though he won’t be around to say it anymore, when I walk into the office I’ll still hear his voice saying “It’s Miller time!” and will know it’s time to “get after it, girl.” So thank you for all the funny stories and marriage truth you spoke into my life and those you faithfully served each week.


And for those reasons, we are ever thankful for your 10 years of service with Miller Management! There are lots of employees, clients, and other couriers who will miss you.

We did speak with his wife and she says she IS excited to have her husband back in their home more. And with that, we can’t argue. So here’s to you, Michael, may your second retirement be as sweet as your first.


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